Trees, glorious trees

Designed in the 1930s with pathways, bridges and various other themes of romance and pleasure, surprises await around every corner of the magical Cooper parklands. Whether looking out across the park or walking within its grounds, an exquisite tranquillity infuses the gentle air and permeates even the busiest soul. Spend hours wandering the charming acreage, gently dotted with such novelties as Moon Bridge, Rosewood Walk and Coral Steps, where meandering pathways, ponds and weirs, secret grottoes, gazebos, sandstone staircases and even an earthen amphitheatre never fail to enchant.

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Cultural Significance of Cooper Park

Cultural Significance
of Cooper Park

As Woollahra Council’s largest natural asset, Cooper Park boasts a rich cultural history including Aboriginal engravings and rock shelters dating back to 1788. Over the following century, many sandstone and romantic features were added to the grounds. A veritable babbling brook meanders through the park and follows the line of a volcanic dyke that formed during the Jurassic age. Stretching up from either side of the creek are sandstone and riparian forests and woodland vegetation, providing diverse habitats for local fauna.