The Splendour Team

Greatness comes from the desire to do extraordinary things – to reach beyond the status quo and relentlessly chase a dream. Over the past few years the Splendour team have worked tirelessly to ensure this development does absolute justice to its marvellous site. From its very inception, the Splendour vision has developed from an idealised concept of living into reality thanks to the passion of some of Sydney’s most talented architects and designers. Meet the extraordinary team who are bringing Splendour to life.

Developer - Denwol

Developer -

Denwol is an award-winning nationwide developer of residential, commercial, mixed-use and hotel properties. Denwol is Sydney-based and has been operating in excess of 50 years. This diversified company combines a strong blend of market knowledge, progressive thought and originality, culminating in its highly successful and sought after projects. Denwol brings experience, innovation, astute planning and the highest quality to each of its projects.

Architects - UP, Kannfinch and Dennis Rabinowitz

Architects -
UP, Kannfinch and
Dennis Rabinowitz

The expertise and creativity of each of these multi award-winning architects has collectively ensured that Splendour materializes into one of the most exemplary developments the exclusive Eastern Suburbs has ever seen. Their collaboration has been applied from the masterplan down to the smallest detail, reflecting the passion and skill of these outstanding architects and ensuring Denwol’s vision is realised at its most beautiful.

Interior - Smart Design Studio

Interior -
Smart Design

Smart Design Studio are a multi award-winning architectural practice with a team of over 45 highly experienced designers. The studio’s enthusiasm and passionate attention to detail is fundamental to their success. With the greatest respect for the environment in which their design sits, Smart Design create internal spaces that embrace their outlooks in a way that the line between indoor and outdoor becomes virtually imperceptible. They employ the latest technology and finest craftsmanship to ensure their spaces are sublimely beautiful and utterly uplifting, making them a joy to inhabit.

Landscape - Sturt Nobel Associates

Landscape -
Sturt Nobel

Operating since 1990, Sturt Noble Associates is an award-winning practice excelling in the design of landscape architecture, open space and recreation areas, creating extraordinary garden and outdoor environments. As a boutique practice of highly experienced professionals, Sturt Noble take on projects that have extraordinary potential and exist outside generic moulds. Sustainable solutions are fundamental to the practice and integrated into every project. Informed and inspired by natural and cultural landscapes, they generate living solutions that combine creativity, sustainability and beauty.